Better Days Pain Support Programme

Chronic or persistent pain is pain that carries on for longer than 12 weeks despite medication or treatment. The Better Days Pain Support Programme is designed to improve the mental health and understanding of those who suffer from pain. A range of approaches are taken to support you in this journey. The programme is facilitated by Health Trainers experienced in supporting people who live with chronic pain and the programme covers topics such as:

Participant Feedback

Completing the following courses provided by Verve – Better Days Pain Support Programme and activities organised by the HOPE support group, such as Crafts by Linda and Seafood cooking. All these courses have been a life line for me to be enrolled in. Providing an excellent mix of listening, speaking and practical learning environment. I have felt safe, supported especially by Christina and all staff and lecturers have been so professional. Previously my pain had overwhelmed me and I had lost my confidence and drive. These courses have built my confidence, improved my motivation and self-worth. I have learnt new skills in dealing with my pain in more positive method. Learning new skills in craft and seafood cooking will provide a method of dealing with pain in healthy diet, and mind. I have now a more positive outlook that has helped me get back to work again. Encouraged me to start creating my own art work again. Verve Pain Group has been a positive excellent course giving me the tools to help myself.


I have been ( not by choice) recently medically retired. To fill in the gap I have been filling my time to capacity with zoom classes and activities. It was not until I started to complete the Take 5 steps to Wellbeing star on this course that something started to dawn on me. I was scoring quite highly on the connect, learning, active and give areas but always scoring badly on ‘take notice’ star. I started to realise that I take little time to relax or look around me. I take my Irish to learn with me on walks and I do out lists to ensure I always have things to do to keep me busy everyday despite my long term condition I am just use to punching through the pain. Since realising this I have started to take time out of my day to do some Youtube relaxation mantras and when I go on walks I take nothing with me and try to focus and notice my surroundings more. I find it hard to keep focused as my mind tends to wander but using the mindfulness breathing techniques learnt on the course I can bring my attention back. I do find this getting easier and I don’t feel so tense all the time. The psoriasis in my head has eased and I notice my fitbit resting rate has improved. The course did prove beneficial in this area.


The Better Days Pain Support Programme offers participants the opportunity to attend a monthly support group called HOPE (Hold On Pain Easing) that offers ongoing support to programme participants.