Community Strength and Balance

Community Strength and Balance

Some of our Health Trainers are certified in OCN NI Level 3 Award in Planning and Leading a Physiotherapy Designed Exercise Programme in Fall Prevention and Strength and Balance Training.

The Strength and Balance programme aims to provide a programme for falls prevention in a community setting.


What is Strength & Balance?

Strength & Balance is a physical activity programme which aims to help people over the age of 55 years of age to improve their balance and posture and strengthen their muscles.
The programme is for those who have been identified at risk of falls or who have a fear of falling.


Why should I attend Strength & Balance?

The Strength & Balance programme will help to:

  • Increase your physical activity levels;
  • Improve your posture, muscle strength, balance and coordination;
  • Reduce your risk of falling;
  • Improve your confidence and overall feelings of health and wellbeing.
  • Department of Health guidelines recommend all adults should complete 150 minutes of physical activity in a week. Older adults at risk of falling should also undertake physical activity to improve muscle strength, balance and coordination at least twice a week


Will I be Supervised?

The Strength & Balance programmes are based in local community venues and in Leisure Centres across the Southern Trust area and delivered by local facilitators.
Your facilitator will have experience in delivering physical activity programmes and has received specialist training from Physiotherapists in the Southern Health and Social Care Trust to deliver the Strength & Balance programme.
You will also learn simple exercises you can carry out at home and incorporate into your everyday life.


What to Wear

You don’t need to have the latest trainers and sportswear to attend the Strength & Balance programme. You simply need to have:

  • Comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely and safely
  • Suitable footwear – good fitting comfortable shoes/trainers with ankle support and non-slip soles.


How do I Register?

You can get further information on falls prevention and watch a demonstration of Strength and Balance exercise at

For those unable to attend a group class, home based one-to one sessions will be considered against referral criteria.


*Small group bookings are possible for Strength and Balance. Contact us to find out more